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Last December, I invested some money in a desktop gaming system, using as many left-over components as I could. This also allowed me to stream with a face-cam, because I would be sitting at my desk (instead of in the living room, where my gaming system sat before). But my desk is oriented towards the window, with my back to the rest of the house. So I used a folding screen that we had lying around to block out the view behind me — we wouldn’t want accidental domestic scenes to be streamed to the internet, right?
But that means you got to see the off-white fabric behind me during streams. Not that terrible, but it could be better. So I ordered a large piece of fabric in that chromakey colour — the colour they also use for the weather report on TV. After a bit of ironing (the fabric came folded in a box, so creases everywhere!), we smoothed the fabric over the folding screen, using safety pins. It took some fiddling to get the lighting all set up correctly, but setting up the greenscreen effect in OBS is just a single mouse-click! So now I obscure less of the screen, and it looks so much more professional. (Not that I want to be a professional streamer, but for less than 20 euros this is certainly a fun addition to the setup.)

A screenshot of a previous stream. You can see the white folding screen behind me.

Pinning the fabric to the screen. We made sure to have as few creases as possible, because a too high difference in hue will defeat the effect!

A screenshot of yesterday’s stream. Now it is as if I am in front of the computer screen!

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