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Rechargables… or not?

We have a lot of rechargeable batteries, from when we did a lot of geocaching. I have a pretty pro charger too, that also has functions like a charge-discharge cycle to refresh the battery and so on. It has been some time since I needed lots of batteries, but since I’ve started gaming again, I needed batteries for my controller. But due to age or inaction, none of the rechargeables I had could hold a charge sufficiently. I threw all of them out. (Well, I put them in the recycling bin.)
So in a pinch, I went to the local supermarket, and they sell 10 AA batteries for EUR 3 — so that’s EUR 0.3 per battery. Parallel to that, I ordered 8 high-quality rechargeables, which came to a total of EUR 21. Granted, that’s including shipping, but I can’t just hop on my bicycle and get those, so I’ll just factor those in, which brings the price of a single battery to EUR 2.63. That means every battery has to be used 9 times for rechargeables to make economic sense. That is, if you already have the chargers!

I’m not sure this makes sense to me when I’m not using a lot of batteries…

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