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Glass pins

My sister’s newest hobby is glass fusing: she bought her own glass fusing oven and has been making glass objects (some intended for use, some pure art) for over a year now. You can find some of her work on her site (it’s in Danish, since she lives there). Sometimes she has tiny amounts of fusing-glass left, and since that’s kind of expensive stuff, it’s not a very attractive proposition to just throw it away. So she has been making little ‘drops’ of glass, often with more than one type/colour of glass mixed in.
She took some of that stuff with her last Christmas, and we took (almost) all of the glass drops to make pins out of them! All we needed was some ‘blank’ clutch pins to glue the glass on, and that was fixed with a cheap order on AliExpress and some patience!

The glass drops themselves! A wide variety of colours in different sizes.

The bag of clutch pin ‘blanks’. The pins themselves (the pointy bits) have to be glued to the glass drops. They were packaged in a separate bag, which was put inside the larger bag with the pin backs. That ensured that it was safe to handle and none of the pointy bits stuck out!

We used a glue that we had lying around — nothing special, but it listed glass and metal as surfaces it would stick to, and it worked. For the next time, we’ll make sure to put the pin a little more towards the edge for larger pieces. If the pin is in the centre, then the pin as a whole could ‘sag’ forward because of the weight of the glass. But if you have the pin secured somewhat towards the edge, then the weight will keep the pin from sagging.

And these are the results:

Really like those pins, and it’s fun to walk around with something ‘home-made’!

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