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New January anime

The new season has started in Japan on January 2nd, and you know what that means: we’ll be watching the first episode of (almost) everything that we can put our grubby mitts on, and I’ll be typing up reviews! I’ll all tag them with ‘first episode review’ (like this entry), so if you have no interest in anime and don’t want to read about it, then feel free to mute that tag!

With that out of the way… let’s go!
Itsu Datte Bokura no Koi wa 10 Centi Datta: A highschool romance: a popular boy from the movie club, who even won some prizes with his work, and a girl from the art club. They always go home together, and they find it hard to see the other with others from the opposite sex, but they’re not official dating. Somehow, they can never bring themselves to being less than 10cm apart…
Technically not a new series: it started halfway the fall season, so we never watched that first episode. We really liked it: they’re kinda cute, and the art is pretty. I also like the character designs.

Uchuu yori mo Tooi Basho: Mari feels that her highschool life is slipping away from her without anything happening. But she is too risk-averse to even take an unplanned trip into the city for one day, so nothing actually ever changes. That is, until she meets Shirase, whose goal it is to travel to Antarctica, where her mother disappeared. She works a lot of side jobs, and saved up a lot to make her dream come true. Mari recognises her as the adventurous and driven spirit that she needs to latch onto to have the adventure she craves.
I really empathise with Mari, being risk-averse myself. I mean, how would a highschool student go about travelling to Antarctica? But I’m also certain that it can be done, with enough resources and determination. The series is also funny, and I want to see more.

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