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Molecular cooking

We regularly go to a culinary wholesaler: we got a card from klik’s company, and we regularly get supplies there that are cheaper than at the grocery store, or things that you can’t even get at our regular grocery. The previous time we were there, I saw a molecular gastronomy kit to create ‘pearls’ of foodstuffs using agar-agar, and There are two more of those little kits: one to create foam and one to create ‘spaghetti’. I put it on my Sinterklaas wish-list, because it looks really cool! Ever since, we have been checking out videos from that brand with cool recipe ideas.
I didn’t get any of the kits (I’m not complaining: I got lots of good things off my wishlist!), and today we had occasion to visit the wholesaler again. I got the ‘combined kit’ as a gift for myself.

The packaging.

The contents of the kit! It contains everything to make pearls, spaghetti, foam and for reverse spherification!

I really look forward to experimenting with it. Here’s some videos of the things you can do with it: make honey caviar, or chocolate spaghetti with the agar-agar. Or make some foam like Curry Wind. Or combine the gelling of the agar-agar with reverse spherification like with the Coco-almond Fondant!

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