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Eight years ago, when the company I work for celebrated its 20-year anniversary, there was a whole festive do with employees and customers. It was then that our then-CEO announced we were going to do something with “enveloping” the documents that were produced with our software. A new product was developed — and it was a mess. There were a lot of problems with it, so deployments needed constant hand-holding. Meanwhile, promises about scalability and traceability were never delivered upon, and the software never got Generally Available. Only the rightly anointed High Priests were allowed to do anything with it, so the implementations didn’t scale either.
Then the company got acquired, then we got acquired again, and suddenly there were two document production products in the portfolio. The other product is/was not as good as our product with actually producing documents, but they had built that on top of a really cool process engine — and they did a lot of things with enveloping and other output management things, things we never could get stable. We absorbed the product and the team, basically scrapped what we already had for the output management software, and started off re-implementing the concepts that we had (which are really, really good) on top of that better software.
(Meanwhile, the company has been split again, and we lost that team, but we retained the software that we had already integrated.)

Next month will see the release of version 5.1.1 of our software. And it will see the generally available launch of our output management solution. We’re making good on that promise of eight years ago! That’s very exciting, but there is still an aura of mystery surrounding the idea of output management, as if it’s really difficult. But with our new version, it isn’t really.
As product manager, it is my task to introduce our new releases to our colleagues. And because this thing is completely new, I went all in: first an extended demo to introduce all the functionalities and to explain why you would use it, and then a second video that shows how to configure a freshly installed system to do the things I showed in the demo. All in all, it turned into just under 3,5 hours of video!

Me behind my desk, ready to start recording! I brought my own microphone, because it has so much better sound than the headset I have at the office, and I care about those things.

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