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Top DM tips

So, if you compile a list of top tips from DMs by looking at a representative sample of responses to a DM survey, you get this top 4:

  1. Prepare to improvise.
  2. Focus on the players and their characters.
  3. Monitor the pacing of your game.
  4. Evoke memorable NPCs and fantastic worlds.

So that’s what other DMs advise you to do when running a game. This is not something that is built in into Dungeons and Dragons, this is something that the Dungeon Masters have to discover for themselves.

Contrast that with this excerpt from Dungeon World:

Your agenda makes up the things you aim to do at all times while GMing a game of Dungeon World:

  • Portray a fantastic world
  • Fill the characters’ lives with adventure
  • Play to find out what happens

I’ve written about how Dungeon World is superior, and here is another point of proof: the best advice anyone can give you about running a fantasy RPG is built right into the game.

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