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So October has rolled around, which means the new TV season has started as well. And that means we’ll be watching the first episode of new series, and decide what to collect for future viewing. And because you’re awesome, you get to read my reviews too!

Black Clover: Asta and Yuna are foundlings. Yuna is a powerful wizard, but Asta is unique in that he can’t use any magic — even though he is convinced that when they get their grimoire when they turn fifteen, his magic will awaken and he’ll become the Mage King. Asta is better positioned for that, though — but when Yuna gets attacked, the dark magic within Asta awakens!
Asta is amazingly shouty — I don’t think I’ve heard him say a single sentence in this first episode on a normal volume. He is bratty and annoying, but Yuna isn’t much better. And the story is… well, I would have sworn we’ve seen this a thousand times by now.
Verdict: Nah.

Juuni Taisen: Twelve professional killers of a family associated with one of the signs of the zodiac convene every twelve years to start a ‘battle royale’. There can be only one survivor, and one wish will be granted. Of course, all the warriors have super (-like) powers, and most of them seem very unpleasant.
It’s like the Fate franchise, but without the supernatural explanation as to why this is all happening. The series seems well made, but with nasty characters and blood spattering everywhere, it doesn’t make for the kind of viewing experience we’re after.
Verdict: Nope!

TsukiPro the Animation: We’ve watched all of six minutes of this, and we were done with it. I mean, sure, series about boy bands are popular in a certain market segment, so a series featuring six different boy bands must be an instant hit, right? Except we’re not part of the target audience, and it just seemed like an endless parade of stereotypical characters to us.
Verdict: Hell no!

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