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“We’re getting the band back together!”

I spend a lot of my time over on RPGGeek, the RPG-focused sister site to BoardGameGeek. I keep up to date with new releases, new RPG Kickstarters, special deals, reviews and session reports. I’m also a big fan of their Question of the Day.
But there’s another thing that I use the site for: Play by Forum. Yes, it’s so much slower than Face-to-Face or even Play by VOIP, but it has the advantage that you can just take your time to craft an artful description or a cool action without people getting impatient. I’ve participated in a few games, and I’ve also GM’ed a few games there. One of those was a game of The One Ring titled “The Secret of Minas Anghen”, a retooling of a MERP scenario (in fact, the scenario we played during my first ever RPG session!), and I had six players. We started in April 2015, and we ended somewhere early summer 2016 — so it really took more than a year to finish! But it was a great game with a great group.

Recently, the Bree sourcebook for The One Ring was released, and one of the players has remarked in the past that his favourite RPG book was the Bree sourcebook for MERP. And this new book has three scenarios in it, and all my PbF games had ended… So I asked him if he were interested in reprising his character for the first scenario, and that turned out to be the case — very much so, in fact.
I contacted the other five players separately, asking them if they would like to play again. And all of them said they wanted to! I’m taking it as a huge compliment that every player from two years ago wants to play again with me. And so we have the whole group together for a new adventure! I’m stoked.

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