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Reorganised RPG shelves

I’ve spent this morning reorganising two of the three shelves that hold my RPG books. I weeded out some photocopies and print-outs of session reports of old campaigns (which I’ve gotten scanned already). I also tossed two of those really trashy supplements that came out in the heydays of the OGL/D20 glut. I don’t know how I ever got those: until 5th edition came along, I had even never DM’ed D&D! I could try to pawn them off to someone else, but really, that trash is made more useful by recycling it…
I don’t buy many physical RPG books these days. It’s all about the PDFs: they’re much cheaper (especially if you factor in the postage costs!), and there’s something to be said for the instant gratification of downloading your new RPG book immediately after purchase. The only exception to that is the whole line for Cubicle 7’s The One Ring. I buy every book that comes out for it, and that policy has served me well: the books are all high quality. But that means that the shelf-space for that game will be expanding in the future, and it had gotten so messy something had to be done!

Here, have some pics (and click to embiggen if you’re curious of my collection):

Not pictured: the enormous stack of books for Rolemaster and Spacemaster and the ShadowWorld modules. Some of those I bought, most I inherited from Rupert in auction.

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