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Computer problems

OK, so here's the deal.

I have ADSL. My compter ('Sootball') connects to the ADSL Modem via ethernet (a 3Com 3C900B at 10Mb). My mobo has an integrated gigabit LOM (a 3Com 3C940), which is connected to an Unex switch. klik's computer ('Totoro') has a Realtek RTL8139-clone network card, and is also connected to the Unex switch.
Our home network works like a charm: I can browse and copy from any machine to the other machine. No network glitches in that one.

I have set up Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on Sootball, using the various wizards. The 3C940 now has IP adress and acts as a DHCP server to the home network. There's a 'Network bridge' between that one and the 3C900B. I've configured Totoro for ICS as well: it now gets an IP-adress and other settings via DHCP (which is Sootball).
As a security feature, both machines run the latest version of ZoneAlarm, in light mode. Both machines have set the range - as 'trusted zone' (to allow disk sharing).
Also, both machines run WinXP Pro SP1.

So far so good. However, here comes the catch: it doesn't always work. It seems that Totoro can't resolve DNS names most of the time -- but sometimes it can. There doesn't seem to be a pattern in it.
But if I resolve the DNS name first on Sootball, then Totoro suddenly resolves correctly too! It's almost like the resolve-requests of Totoro seldomly reach Sootball! It's not a firewall issue, because it also occurred when I had both firewalls shut down.

When I Google, I find something about MTU sizes -- but the accompanying info from MS says that SP1 fixes that particular issue. So it can't be that...

I can't figure it out -- it all should work, except it doesn't. Does anyone have any ideas?

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