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Two interesting Bundles

I’m a big fan of the Bundle of Holding: RPG books in PDF form with a hefty discount, and you’re also helping charity! Every time they are bringing out a new offer, I always check it out. I don’t get all bundles, but every once in a while there’s a bundle that I’m happy to invest in.

One of those bundles is the Apocalypse Engine +2 bundle. The Apocalypse World Engine has quickly become my favourite RPG rules engine for it’s “fiction first” approach and DIY attitude. And this bundle has a really diverse set of games with a lot of different genres, including the 2nd edition of the game that started it all.

Meanwhile, there is also the Humble Book Bundle, which also has books in PDF form for pay-what-you-want, in a similar fashion as the Bundle of Holding. They occasionally offer RPG books, but I don’t monitor them religiously — if you sign up for their mailings, you get a mail every day with stuff you’re not really interested in. (Or at least, that’s how it is for me.)
But I got notified that the whole of the second edition of the Warhammer Fantasy RPG was in the Humble Book Bundle. Cubicle 7, who also publish my favourite set of RPG books for The One Ring, have taken over the WHFRP license from Fantasy Flight Games, and they will be publishing a new edition. Third edition made use of the FFG house system (which is also in use for their Star Wars games), but the second edition is its own system, so it’s easy for C7 to offer it in this bundle and make a little bit of money off it too. The whole run for that little money? Yeah, I had to do it.

The bundle also included a coupon for 30% off on the C7 webshop. I had bought the Adventurer’s Companion for TOR at Orc’s Nest during our London vacation. I couldn’t remember the last time I had bought a book at an actual shop — usually I order online or pick up the books at Essen. And the Bree sourcebook for TOR is already out, but Orc’s Nest didn’t have it in stock.
I had planned on getting Bree at Essen, but the 30% off coupon took care of the shipping costs, and more! So it is actually cheaper for me to order it with the discount than getting it at Essen. So that’s what I did.

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