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#RPGADAY, day 26

Which RPG provides the most useful resources?
I am going to assume that “resources” are things that are not essential to play, but things that make play easier.
For me, a form-fillable PDF character sheet is really important. I like having a record of all levels that a character progresses through, and I dislike pencil smudges on my sheets. (And if you’re going to do form-fillable, then do the calculations too!) There are some good sheets for various games, but I have the most experience with a really nice D&D sheet.
But of all the free resources I used in play, I am most impressed with the sheets for The Sprawl in Roll20. Even without scripting, they are highly automated, which is really nice (and as it should be!). It also reinforces the “green-screen aesthetic” that is so characteristic of 80’s cyberpunk. You can see a screenshot in this post.
But the coolest thing of it is that you can ‘present’ your Moves and your equipment. If you have a gun, you can plug in the game stats of it and a URL to a picture of it. Then, when you use it, you can show that into the game’s chat. Same goes with Moves. That makes it possible for the other players (or viewers on YouTube or Twitch!) to follow along with what is happening mechanically. That is the most useful resource I’ve ever used.

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