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Originally, paultje had planned for the five of us to go into Copenhagen on saturday. However, the Danish Constitution Day thwarted that plan: it's a day off, and all the shops would be closed. Instead, we would go to a Thai restaurant in town that evening, with Joep. So he had to be well-rested, so we stayed at home for that day.

In the morning, klik and me made a little excursion to the bakery -- bakers are always open in Denmark, come hell or high water. Bakers are the only source of bread, unless you fancy the dark, hard rye-bread that is sold in supermarkets. Needless to say, most people go to the bakery. We loaded Joep into his seat and (with a little help from Joep who pointed us into the right direction (most of the time)) we soon arrived at the bakery.
Joep did his best to charm the people present, with varying success. It worked on the middle-aged housewife, but it didn't work on the scruffy-looking hung-over man...

In the afternoon, we visited the local playground. Joep liked the swing (we had to take turns to push him, and he certainly didn't want any sissy pushing either!). There was a slide, and Joep climbed up the stairs all by himself. There was a ropebridge connected to another part of the installation, but paultje warned him that he shouldn't cross that one. Joep went down the slide, and paultje herself walked on the ropebridge. When Joep climbed the stairs again to go down the slide again, he saw her -- and was completely panicked. He started crying loudly, and it took a lot of comforting for him to quiet down a bit. After that, he was still a bit skitterish, so we went home not too long after that...

I felt a bit queazy in the afternoon, and by dinnertime I was a bit sick. But I absolutely did not want to spoil everyone's fun, so I tagged along anyway. Turns out that the Thai restaurant was just around the corner of paultje and Hans' apartment in the Copenhagen city centre. We parked in front of the botanical gardens (short side note: if you have an afternoon to spare, do go see the botanical gardens! The orchids are spectacular!) and walked a short distance to the restaurant.
We were seated in the 'childrens corner': there was a table with children's seats and some toys near the toilets. We installed ourselves and ordered two different menus and some fried rice for Joep.
The food came in, and I felt seriously ill. I didn't eat that much (just a few bites), but the food was excellent! Joep almost charmed the skirt off the waitress (she called him 'smoog', which means 'handsome') and she returned to our table more often than was required, just so she could see him smile at her!
By then, I felt like shit -- and I must have looked like shit too ("We are not going to have dessert here, because Hein looks green!") so we piled into the car.

On sunday, after a restless night filled with feverish dreams, klik and paultje went to Louisiana -- I decided to stay home. I packed the suitcases and chatted with Hans and played a bit with Joep -- very relaxing. However, the relaxation was offset by stress when the ladies returned rather late...
Hans bought us to the airport, and we only made it just in time... only to be told that our flight had a delay of 2.5 hours! We got 80 kroner in vouchers, and after walking through the shopping area, we got ourselves something to eat and drink. Turns out we stayed 11 kroner under our voucher-budget of 80. The guy behind the cash register gave us a Mars bar extra, because he could not give change for vouchers, and it was his boss' money anyway!
Copenhagen airport is weird in the sense that there is no seating area, other than provided by food stalls or at the gates. If you don't know which gate you'll be going to, you're pretty much stuck at the uncomfortable seats of the food stalls. Add a fever to the mix, and it's a disaster.

By the time we got to Niederrhein, we were both exhausted and cranky. Instead of getting home around 19:00, it was almost 22:00! Not a good ending to a otherwise great vacation!

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