Hein (fub) wrote,

#RPGADAY, day 17

Which RPG have you owned the longest but not played?
It is probably Mekton Zeta, a mecha RPG. As I wrote about earlier, none of the mecha RPGs I read really satisfied me because they don’t capture the themes that I find important in Macross. Most emulate Gundam, and I’m enough of a nerd to maintain the two franchises are fundamentally different — and this is also apparent with Mekton Zeta, even though there are some references to Macross in the game. Also, it doesn’t help that I’m the only mecha nerd in my gaming circles, so I’d have to educate any prospective players in the tropes of the genre, which I think won’t make for a fun gaming experience. (I mean, I can talk for hours about it, but it would probably not be very exciting for the players.)
It could also be Blue Planet. I have the first edition and some expansions of the second edition (gifted to me by rupertdaily way back when) and I don’t think I’ve ever played it either. I really like the setting: hard SF with some cool concepts, but unfortunately it relied on something kept secret from the players — and of course that leaks almost immediately, taking away a lot of mystery of the setting. Again, a setting which requires a lot of “education”, which will have contributed to me never playing the game.

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