Hein (fub) wrote,

Migrating away from LJ

I’ve been following along with the #rpgaday questions, and linking the posts in my ‘gaming’ Twitter account. At work, I clicked on the link in that post to check something, and it opened in a browser without an ad blocker and where I am not logged in on LiveJournal.

What I saw, shocked me: advertisements and more than 50 trackers (as determined by Ghostery) on the single page! And mind you: I have a permanent account. But the way things are, I can’t in good conscience link to an entry on my LJ because of this — I don’t wish to inflict this on my visitors.

I decided I would migrate to a WordPress installation on my own domain — but I wanted to take ‘all’ of my content with me, to keep a continuous stream of my posts in a single place. In order to do that, I used ljdump to download all my entries in an XML format, and then used a Python script to transform those XMLs into a PHP file that programatically creates the entries by using WordPress functions. User icon, mood and music were set as ‘meta fields’, and I’ve created my own child theme to display that information in the entry. Now I have something that’s pretty close to LJ — except now I have full control over it!

I’ll be cross-posting (and if everything goes well, then this entry will be the first to be cross-posted), so you do not have to adjust your settings to keep reading my entries. Still, I’m kind of sad that it had to come to this, after 14 years.

Tags: #rpgaday, lj

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