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It's August, and that means a new list of #RPGADAY questions! In contrast to last year, I'll try to keep up with the questions each day.

What published RPG do you wish you were playing right now?
Toss-up between Monsterhearts 2 and Blades in the Dark.
Monsterhearts 2 because of the clarity with which it establishes its setting and themes. It should be easy to play with a good GM who knows their way around the themes and genre tropes, and I'd like to experience that.
Blades in the Dark because I'm reading it right now, and while the setting is really cool, I'm not so sure about the rules. It can't decide whether it's a Apocalypse World Engine game, a FATE-based game or using the Shadowrun dice pool mechanics. I know all three, and seeing it all mashed together is confusing to me. But, as these things go, playing a session with a GM who knows their way around the system always really clears things up for me, so that would be nice.
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