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Jul. 29th, 2017 @ 11:32 am I lied... sort of.
Current Mood: boredbored
So it turns out there was a single series that started really late, and I did not write reviews of some of the series that we did see... So this post is to rectify that.

Kakegurui: At this private academy, money is pretty much everything. And the kids attending the school have set up a major gambling operation: if you're not ridiculously rich, then participating in the gambling is pretty much the only way to get ahead. Then a transfer student comes in, and she likes high stakes gambling so much, she immediately threatens the school's hierarchy.
Did not enjoy this -- there is not a single character in sight that you could have any sympathy for. It looks good and is well animated (though there's not much action in a gambling scene), but it turned us right off.

18if: This guy wakes up in his dream -- but it's not his dream, but the dream of a lonely girl who lives out her power fantasies in her dreams. It falls on him to comfort her to escape her dream and wake up in his own life again -- but that doesn't happen.
Quantum Leap-like stuff, but then not interesting. And it seems like the writers thought: "Oh, it's a dream anyway, so anything goes!" Meh.

The Reflection: So there's one scene set in Japan, and then the narrative switches to New York where there is a battle between mutants/super-heroes going on. There has been an event called 'the Relfection' which gave people super-powers, and there's some kind of special police force to round up any super-villains.
I think that the designs are meant to evoke super-hero comic books, but it is really super-ugly. And I don't now how you could make a fight between super-powered individuals look slow and boring, but that is exactly what the director did. What should have been very exciting just bored us to tears. Not even having Stan Lee do the next episode narration can help this trainwreck.

Fate/Apocrypha: Another offering in the Fate franchise. This time, there is a group who normally participate in the Grail Wars, but this time they go like: "We will have our own Grail War!" Of course, others want in on that sweet, sweet Grail War action too!
This pre-supposes you know all of the Fate lore before jumping in, and since we don't and it's going to be all Dark And Mysterious, we'll give it a skip.

...and that's the real wrap!
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