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Last new anime

Last batch of the anime reviews of this season! I did manage to stay on top of it, which helps: if it's not a huge mountain of reviews to write, it's easier to start (for some reason).

Dive!!: The Muzuki Diving Club is set to be shut down if none of the boys make it to the Olympics. A new coach arrives to set them straight -- but being on a strict training regime is hard for teenage boys...
A Noitamina sports series, that's always something. This one took us two episodes to see if we liked it enough -- there's very little action involved, but on closer inspection there are some conflicts brewing right underneath the surface too...

Youkai Apartment no Yuuga na Nichijou: Yuushi lost his parents and now lives with his uncle's family. He wants to move out as soon as possible, because they seem to regard him as a nuisance. His chance is to attend a highschool with dorms, but then the dorms burn down! He does manage to find a cheap room to tide him over. There is only one catch: about half of the inhabitants are ghosts, spirits and monsters, and they co-exist with the human tennants.
This, too, took us a second episode to see what it was like. The verdict is positive: the first episode is mostly Yuushi being scared of the youkai, but he gets used to them quickly, and from then on it becomes much more interesting to see how the humans and the youkai intersect and influence each other.

New Game!!: Second series for New Game!, which kind of starts up slowly because the studio doesn't have a project they're working on, so there's some time to evaluate the previous release -- which gives a nice way to re-introduce the characters. It's more of the same, so it should be good -- though I would have appreciated a little less focus on underwear in this first episode...

There are two series that I did not review. One is Fate/Apocrypha, but since we're not into the whole Fate franchise, I felt it was safe to disregard. The other is Hajimete no Gal. I did download that, but when there's an uncensored version and it starts with a close-up panty-shot, you know enough.
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