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Vatican Kiseki Chousakan: Priests Nicholas and Hiraga are special 'miracle investogators' from the Vatican. They get sent to South America to investigate a nun's virginal pregnancy: the nun claims she was impregnated by God. She lives in a large complex with a church, hospital and boarding school -- but there are more things going on than meets the eye, and one of the priests of the church is murdered in some ritual demon-summoning attempt...
The palette is quite dark and drab, and we get lots of long shots of overwhelming architecture, which serves to emphasize the smallness of humans, I guess. The two priests go about their investigation quite straight-faced, but it is immediately apparent that everyone they meet has a dark side to them that they try to hide. And that's supposed to be really dark and edgy I guess, but it just didn't grab us at all.

Konbini Kareshi: Two friends start highschool, and of course they meet girls there. And they also meet them again in the convenience store close to the school.
Super-slow, unnecessarily long shots, the male faces lack any kind of expressiveness, stilted animation... Sure it's a romance, and I can stomach slow-moving romances quite well, but this is just overly bland and doesn't 'sparkle' anywhere.

Shoukoku no Altair: Mahmut becomes a Pasha in an Ottoman analogue, just before the prime minister of the much larger Austro-Hungarian analogue is found in the border area, shot with Ottoman arrows... This is a prelude to war, and the Ottomans can't win it -- twelve years ago, things went wrong, and there are many Pasha who are desperate to avoid more bloodshed. But Mahmut is a clever fellow and he sees through the machinations of one of the Austro-Hungarian ministers and manages to defuse the situation.
Such a lush setting, with lots of little details and an interesting political system. But Mahmut lacks any kind of personality, so it's like you're watching two-dimensional card-board cutouts move through super-detailed backgrounds. It did not grab us.

Gamers!: Keita is a total game otaku, so when the 'school idol' addresses him when he is shopping for games, he loses his composure. Turns out that she is an avid gamer too, and she wants to recruit him for the gaming club. He joins her and another guy from their year, and it turns out that the gaming club is filled with 'sweaty tryhards', who play games not to enjoy them, but to win them. That's not Keita's style, so he declines her invitation -- which might make him the pariah of the whole school...
So yes, the gaming club is a bunch of gaming nerds, but they want to win and want to train to get better. So it's not like Genshiken at all, but more e-sports. Could be interesting in a low-key way.
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