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More new anime

Trying to stay on top of the queue...

Koi to Uso: The Japanese government has decided to do something about the low birth rates. So when you turn 16, you get a partner assigned to you, based on various characteristics -- and romance with anyone else is forbidden! So what should you do when you, like Yukari, fall in love with your classmate? And then she confesses she loves him back? He gets his notification on his cellphone, and to his absolute delight it's her name! But when he gets the official notification on paper, there's a different name on there...
I really like how grown-up this is ("should we kiss? let's kiss" without any of the two freaking out) and I really like the romantic set-up. The character designs are very good as well, with lots of little details. I want to see more of this.

Made in Abyss: Riko and her friends live in the Guild Orphanage, raised to become spelunkers in the enormous Abyss -- 1000 meters across, depth unknown, and filled with strange creatures and artefacts. What they find is used to run the orphanage, but Riko has a tendency to keep things for herself. Especially when she finds a robot boy during an expedition!
If there was an RPG based on this setting, I would play it. It's such an interesting place, the characters are interesting, the set-up is interesting, and the designs are really cool. Can't want to see more of this!
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