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More new anime

Hitorijime My Hero: Masahiro is always alone at home, so he spends most of his evenings roaming the streets. He falls in with a group of no-goods who use him as their errand boy -- until one evening the group is targetted by the so-called "Bear Killer", who defeats them all. Turns out that this is the elder brother of Masahiro's only friend, who makes him promise to drop out of the group and start high school like a good boy. And then later, it turns out that he will be their math teacher at their new school.
It's almost refreshing to watch a yaoi series, since there's not a single female in sight -- there are enough series where this is the exact reverse. But the characters are kinda bland and these stories never go anywhere anyway.

Jikan no Shishaisha: There's a rumour that if you make a wish at the clock tower in the old graveyard, you can wish for time to be reversed. This is very attractive for Koyuki, who lost her older brother a few years ago. But she is stopped by Victor and Kiri, a pair of Mysterious Men who battle the time demons. Where Kiri is serious, Victor is playful -- he has his reasons for making the most out of every day...
So, this is probably supposed to be adventurous and action-packed and mysterious, but I was completely uninterested. Bland designs, bland characters, bland story -- we've seen this all before. Snoozefest.

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni: Touya gets accidentally killed by a lightning bolt. As an apology, God will allow him to take his smartphone to the fantasy world where he will be reborn (or actually, transported as-is). He also ups Touya's stats quite a bit, giving him quite the edge. He makes some new friends (two girls, obviously) and they form a party to earn some cash. They can also teach him about magic.
Even though it quickly becomes apparent that Touya is a hypercompetent in this world, he approaches the situation sensibly and with humility. It's not slapstick like Konosuba. With some careful plotting, it might retain its freshness.
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