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More new anime

I'm trying to keep up with the anime we're watching and not get the backlog of reviews build up too much.

Ballroom e Youkoso: Tatara doesn't really know what he wants from life -- there's nothing that excites him. Then one day he ends up in a dance studio, and he is intrigued -- especially since one of his schoolmates attends there too. He watches a DVD of a competition, and he is smitten: now he wants to learn how to dance! What he lacks in ability, he makes up in bull-headedness.
The detail in the character designs and the animation is astonishing, and it's fun to see how Tatara is slowly finding his motivation. Of course it will turn into a sports anime, and there is some danger of Tatara turning out to be a 'miracle rookie', but I'll forgive even that to see the bland Tatara turn into an expressive dancer.

Tenshi no 3P: Kyou is a hikikomori, and he spends his days composing and making music to accompany illustrations that are sent to him. Then one day he gets an e-mail from an admirer, which turns out to be a grade school girl -- three of them, to be precise. They are orphans and they want Kyou's help in putting up a concert in their orphanage. Luckily they have a secret basement that is stocked with vintage instruments, and they can play quite well.
What's wrong with anime these days is that it is apparently ok to have a harem anime with a highschool students as the protagonist (true to form he's a total dweeb) and having him surrounded by three ten-year old girls. It's not as bad as some other series, but the setup is certainly cringe-worthy. And it's not even interesting either.
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