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July anime, let's get cracking!

Battle Girl High School: Earth is attacked by... space aliens? Luckily, there are school girls who use large weapons to battle them and turn the enemies into black dust! And there's lots of them, each with their own "personality" (using the term loosely here) and her own squeaky voice! And there's some not-so-subtle lesbian undertones too! But they get sloppy and need some training! And... then our dinner was finished and we went to make coffee and tea and let the episode run because we just didn't care!

Isekai Shokudou: There's a little restaurant in a basement that serves the usual fare for office workers looking for a cheap and hearty meal before hopping on the train back home. But when the restaurant closes, it moves to another world, and fantasy characters come to eat their fill of these wondrous dishes (and almost get into a fight over whether chicken katsu, curry rice or tonkatsu is the best -- personally, I'd say katsu-curry). Then one night, a demon girl (whose demon-ness only expresses itself through her goat horns) wanders in -- she gets hired as waitress.
Interesting concept, well drawn, and I do love me some Japanese home-style cooking, which is an added bonus. Probably not action-packed, but should be fun in a low-key manner.
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