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Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul: Set ten years after the events in the first series. Kaiser is now in the employ of the king, and demons and angels are oppressed and used as slave labour. But there's a vigilante fighting for their sake and freeing them -- and the bounty on his head attracts bounty hunters...
Double-fisted no-holds-barred fantasy: every five minutes may have a surprise twist for you. Also looks really good, so that should be interesting.

Re:CREATORS: Fictional characters get transported to the world of their creators (which mean: modern-age Japan). And all of their magical abilities still work! Of course, everyone is super-confused, but once the women (because of course it's women) learn of the wonders of the conbini, they're all for it. But it's not only the heroes and good guys who get transported, so now there's a villain on the loose as well!
It's not a very novel concept, but I liked the look of the characters. Could go downhill as the series progresses, but it could also be really amusing.

Uchouten Kazoku 2: The second series about the family of shape-shifting tanuki and their interactions with the arrogant (and more powerful) tengu. This series kicks off with the son of the tengu chief's son returning from his exile -- and he and his father have unfinished business...
We really liked the first series, and this promises to be more of what made that series so good. I really dig how Yasaburo both grovels towards the tengu and meanwhile does whatever he wants. Off to a great start!

Eromanga Sensei: Masamune is a light novel author, and the illustrations are made by a mangaka who calls themselves 'eromanga'. During an anonymous stream by them, Masamune finds out that it's actually his hikikomori younger sister Sagiri that he hasn't spoken to for a whole year! They have a solid talk about their life and how to progress from there.
So it's rather typical, but the talk they had at the end of the episode sold it to me: Masamune and Sagiri seemed to really connect over their creativity and their cooperation, and Masamune genuinely cares about her. If this keeps up, then it could be really good.

ID-0: Mankind has taken to the stars, using a half-understood ore as their power source. Using I-Machines, human consciousness can be uploaded into robots, which makes it much easier to operate in the vacuum of space. Maya is abandoned during a scientific expedition, and she is picked up by a bunch of "freelance prospectors" (or you could also call them pirates...) who save her.
Transhumanist sci-fi action? Yes, that sounds like a good idea to me! Everything is CGI, which irks a bit on the character animation, but since most of the characters spend their time being uploaded on I-Machines, it's not too bad. I want to see more of this.
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