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More new anime

Hinako Note: Hinako moves to Tokyo, into a dorm where everyone works at the bookstore/café that the owner of the dorm runs. Hinako is shy, but she went to Tokyo to join the theatre club at her high school -- but it's been disbanded! Well, of course she could start her own amateur troupe...
It's like Hidamari Sketch, but the characters have pretty extreme mannerisms that takes away the charm. It just tries too hard and thereby misses the mark.

Quan Zhi Gao Shou: Chinese series, subtitled in Japanese. The main character is the star player of a professional MMORPG team, but he is forced to give up the account and even to resign when a new (arrogant) star player appears. Dejected, he goes to a net café and notices they are hiring. He can get the job if he can play all through the night with a new character... and of course his skills at the game garner him attention.
The voice acting in Chinese seems kind of flat, or maybe I'm just not used to it. To me, there seemed a disconnect between the emotions that the characters were exhibiting and what I heard, which made it hard to watch. Also, it's not that interesting because there's very little detail about the MMORPG -- it merely serves as the backdrop to show just how good the main character is. Meh.

Kabukibu!: Kurusu is a huge kabuki fan, and he knows all the famous scenes. His dream is to start a kabuki club in highschool, but he needs people to join before they can start. And traditionally, only men play kabuki, whereas some of the people he wants to scout are girls... Surely they can do whatever they want when they are amateurs?
Kabuki used to be a form of theatre for the common folk, but it has become part of the traditional Japanese culture, with its own mannerisms and form of speech. This series is a rather traditional "let's start a new club"-series, but the content of kabuki makes it interesting to us.
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