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More new anime

Sakurada Reset: A boy and a girl both have special abilities, and another girl is manipulating them to work together. Turns out that the girl can 'save' and then 'reset' to that point. Everybody loses their memories -- except for the boy, who could make sure that events do not play out the same way the second time around.
It moves slow and has this heavy atmosphere. The main characters are also pretty nice, and I expect they will be able to carry a "supernatural-light" show like this.

Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine: The crown prince is, of course, well-prepared for his future role. But the other four princes... not so much. So professor Wittgenstein, who looks like a little kid, gets called in to be their Royal Tutor. But these princes have rather shitty attitudes...
I fell asleep during this episode. That should tell you something.

Busou Shoujo Machiavellism: This school used to be an all-girls school. But when the boys transferred in, the girls were scared, and so they were allowed to carry weapons to defend themselves. Five of them even carry swords to "pacify" the boys, who have taken to cross-dressing to "blend in". Fudo doesn't plan to do so, and so of course he gets into trouble. But of course he's an excellent fighter, so things don't quite work out the way that the girls want them to.
Bizarre. There's no drama in this: Fudo can take anything the girls throw at him, so it's not interesting in the least.

Sakura Quest: Due to a mix-up in names, Koharu gets a job as the 'queen' of a 'micro-nation', basically a village with a made-up 'mythology'. It has been going on like this since the 80's, but like a lot of rural areas, the village is really going empty. Koharu comes from a rural village too, but she doesn't want to go back since she had a taste of the urban Tokyo life. And then she finds out that she is supposed to spend a year there!
Another one of those 'rural promotion' anime. Having visited some rural villages, it's fun to see how those are portrayed in anime. And the pacing of those series is often somewhat laid-back, which makes for easy viewing.

Clockwork Planet: The Earth has had its run and has exploded. But a genius clockmaker has made another planet, one completely comprised from interlocking gears, and humanity has migrated to there. And everything is made out of clockwork now, including incredibly detailed androids. Naoto finds one of those, and it imprints to him. Meanwhile, a genius clockwork engineer is tasked with working on repairing a certain section of the planet.
It's not very interesting -- there's lots going on, but it's not entirely clear where the conflict will come from and how it will develop. It didn't grab us at all.

Seikei Suru Kado: Just as a plane is about to take off from Tokyo Haneda airport with a pair of diplomants on board, a cube 2km in size simply plunks down on it, absorbing it. Fractal-like structures can be seen swirling inside, and nothing the humans do can damage the cube -- not even an AP round from a tank can penetrate the cube. Then the cube opens up, one of the diplomats comes out, followed by an alien!
Full CGI, but it's not too bad. And the 'action' will probably be mostly verbal anyway, since neither the aliens nor the humans seem to be intent on making this a fight about firepower. We want to know how this will continue.

Renai Boukun: Guri has a 'Kiss Note': if she writes down the names of two people, they will end up kissing. She has written down the name of Seiji -- she actually misspelt the name of the person she wanted to target -- and she adds the name of the girl that Seiji has a crush on. Yes, they do kiss, but it turns into a complete mess when the girl turns out to be really jealous -- and of course Seiji is also subjected to violence from pretty much every other female lead.
Yes, it's basically the same as Busou Shoujo Machiavellism and Tsugumomo. Neither of those three is even remotely interesting.

Tsuki ga Kirei: Akane and Kotarou become classmates in the third year of middle school. They rarely speak, as their clubs operate in separate circles, but they are aware of each other. Lots of furtive glances, and then their families are on neighbouring tables in a 'family restaurant', which is, of course, totally embarassing to them. And then they have to work together for the sports festival.
Middle-school "slowmance", a genre that we really dig. It's fun to see how they end up talking and cooperating, getting all flustered. I also like the visual style, which is especially important in slowmances because there's no action to look at.
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