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Gin no Guardian: At night, at the location of a peaceful highschool, a ziggurat appears, along with a horde of undead that stretches as far as the eye can see. Their objective is to get whatever is in the ziggurat, which somehow prevents them from spilling over into the school world. But one student, forgotten by all his peers, stands in their way.
Not sure what the point of this series is, other than to show CGI zombies being hurled into the air from super-powerful kicks.

My Hero Academia 2: Second series, which picks right up where the previous series left off. There is some reminiscing about what happened, but the next big event is coming up: the sports day, an even to even overshadow the olympics. And of course, showing off there is a good way to get a contract with a hero agency, setting you up for a successful career, so everybody is getting pumped up.
We liked the first series, but this second series just promises to be more of the same, and we just got kinda bored with the concept. We'll be skipping it.

Shingeki no Kyojin 2: This is the long-awaited sequel to the series from four years ago. There is no retrospective or antything: the series continues as if it was just the next episode of the first series. But what really annoyed me was that the episode introduced a few plot twists that casts everything that had happened into a different light. To me, it felt like the writers just decided to make some stuff up that would trip everybody up. And then they added some torture porn for good measure, and we were done with it.

Alice to Zoukoro: Sana has been locked away in a laboratory all her life and she keeps trying to escape. She has special abilities, and of course the lab wants her back -- and they employ some of the other kids to try and get her back. But she runs off to Tokyo and meets Zoukoro, an elderly florist who is having none of her antics. Sana decides to stick with him, and he decides to let her -- even though he doesn't want anything to do with these mysterious powers.
It is really refreshing and amusing to see a totally normal person who is not interested in any of the special abilities or shadowy government agencies: all he sees is a young girl that's on the run who needs his help. Her powers and his common sense (which is a super-power in itself, in some settings...) might make for an interesting combination!

Tsugumomo: Kazuya's most prized possession is the obi from his mother, who died when he was very young. After all this time, it has turned into a 'tsukumogami', a spirit that is brought into being when an object is old and well-loved. She looks out for him when it comes to youkai who want to possess Kazuya, but if it's just the two of them, she totally bosses him around. All of the female characters boss him around, come to think of it -- with some added violence, if possible.
Yes, it's one of those series. Could have been interesting if it had shown a bit more about how those spirits work, but apparently it's more fun to have the male lead accidentally grope a girl and get beaten up over it.

Granblue Fantasy the Animation: Probably based on a fantasy game, featuring an empire in airships who use a girl as some sort of secret weapon (see the pattern here?). One of their luitenants doesn't agree and escapes with said girl, and they both drop down to the forest near to Gran's village. He gets mixed up with the duo, and even gets killed -- but he gets resurrected and together with the girl, he summons a dragon to defend them!
It's kinda standard game fantasy, but it looks nice. And I have good hopes that the setting will gradually 'open up' to show us more of the world, which is always interesting.

Frame Arms Girl: Ao gets randomly selected to test a new product: robotic plastic model dolls (of course all of girls in "body suits") that can be used to conduct battles with. Then more show up, because Ao needs to test the battles between these dolls.
It's a bit like a small-scale version of Gundam Build Fighters, but with plastic models that talk back. It's kinda cute.
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