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Final new anime

Masamune-kun no Revenge: Masamune used to be a fat kid, but now he starves himself and works out like crazy. And he finds out that the girl who rejected him back then because he was fat, is now the most popular girl in his new school -- though she is very mean to the boys who confess their love to her, giving them insulting nicknames. But she has a secret: her metabolism requires her to eat lots and lots and lots, and Masamume finds out. He plots his revenge on her...
I'm not sure teens need to learn that you need to be thin in order to get friends, and that the way to get thin is to starve yourself. And with all the characters being shallow and mean, this is not a series we need to watch.

Seiren: Shoichi is a normal high school boy, coasting through school. His popular classmate likes to tease him, but Shoichi doesn't seem to get the hint. Instead, he decides he needs to study more to get into a good university. She doesn't want to give up, though.
It's apparently an original story, but it's like a dating sim adaptation. Lots of fluttering skirts and stuff like that. It's nicely animated and the designs are nice, but it's all a bit too standard to grab our attention.

Youjo Senki: In an alternative 1920's, there's trench warfare between the Empire and the Allies. The Empire needs to move swiftly because it is surrounded by the Allies, and the key is to deploy their magicians to the battlefield to hold the lines. Tanya, who looks like a little girl, is a luitenant commanding a squad of magicians. She is the best, but also the most ruthless.
I'm not sure what the world needs right now is a series about a fascist hero, but it's super interesting... The animation is really good and the depiction of trench warfare is quite something. Not "fun" but really interesting if you look past the setup of "little girl being a bad-ass".

Schoolgirl Strikers Animation Channel: Schoolgirls are organised in teams and sent to a parallel world (which has the same buildngs as ours but there are no people) to battle intruders from another dimension. The main focus is on a team that's recently formed and who don't have lots of experience. And one of their members is a castaway from another dimension who has lost her memories.
It's just not that interesting. The fight scenes are OK (if you can stomach the ridiculously fanservicey battle costumes some of the girls have), but most of the time it's focussed on the characters -- and unfortunately, they're just not that interesting.

Spiritpact: You is a descendant of an ancient line of exorcists, but the only way he can make ends meet is to work as a fortune teller. He meets another exorcist, and he gets killed in the ensuing fight with an evil spirit. Now the exorcist offers him a contract to bind his spirit to him so they can work together to take down the evil spirit that got You killed in the first place. You doesn't want to give up his autonomy, but circumstances force his hand...
The evil spirit is quite the cartoon villain, and You and the other exorcist are kind of jerks. The designs are also childish, and in the end we just didn't care about what would happen with this duo.

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu: Hiromi moved to Kamakura from Nagasaki and doesn't know her way around. She will attend South Kamakura Girls' School, but doesn't know her way around. To make matters worse, it turns out that she actually can't ride a bicycle even though she planned to use it to get to school. Luckily she meets Tomoe who helps her get to school on time. Her interest in riding a bicycle is born.
It's not a sports anime as such, but it's about a group of girls discovering the joy of riding their road bikes along the boulevards of Kamakura (which is a really nice place to ride your bicycle, it must be said). I'm not much of a cyclist myself, but I'll watch it for the cute girls and the beautiful environment of Kamakura.

Onihei: Set in the Edo period, the series shows Heizo, a magistrate for the shogunate who is tasked with apprehending robbers, thieves and arsonists. One night, he apprehends a thief who refuses to speak. Subsequently, the man is thrown in prison and languishes there for months. But when his former master is implicated, he offers to find the true perpetrators to clear his masters' name.
For some reason, I really like series set in the late Edo period. There's still samurai and nobles, but the civilians are gaining more power and it makes for a more balanced setting. This is one of those series, where there is basically a large Victorian-era metropolis with some feudal elements mixed in. The fights are pretty brutal though, with blood spattering everywhere. But that's only a minor part of the episode, most of it is urban intrigue, which I like a lot.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2: Straight continuation from the first series. I really liked the first series, but this second series seems to have lost all of the charm it had. It poked fun at the fantasy tropes, but this second series seems to have decided to focus only on Kazuma's relationship with his 'harem' -- and that's just not interesting, especially since Kazuma's a jerk.

BanG Dream!: Kasumi is getting into highschool and is really excited to experience her school life to the maximum extent possible. Then one day she finds a pawn shop and inside the shop is a star-shaped guitar. Somehow she ends up at a live show and now she knows she wants to get onto a stage too!
It's pretty much a K-On! clone, which is not a bad thing in itself. We liked the rythm and the storytelling in the episode, slowly building up to Kasumi meeting her future band-mates (you can see it coming from a mile) and discovering her passion.

And that's the last of the reviews for the new anime of this season!
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