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ElDLIVE: Chuta has a voice inside of him that only he can hear. This isolates him from others because he is misunderstood when he argues with his internal voice. Then one day, he is recruited into some kind of intergalactic police force -- all he has to do is survive apprehending his first alien, which turns out to be the buxom teacher. And his internal voice then pops out of him in the form of an alien...
Just not that interesting. Chuta is a bit of a dweeb and the space police is a bit too "zany" for my tastes.

Gabriel DropOut: Gabriel is an angel and she graduates middle school in heaven at the top of her class. Like all angels, she is sent to live on earth for a while, to attend high school. She gets set up in an apartment, and she strives to make everybody's life better. Until one night she gets involved in an MMORPG and decides that her previous overachiever persona is not actually "her" -- so she prepares to drop out of school. Pair that with a demon who is actually does a lot of good, a princess from hell who is a scaredy-cat and a sadistic angel, and you have your weird cast complete.
It's pretty fun to see the characters introduced, but in the end we expect that the series won't be able to stay fresh and funny in the long run. By the end of the first episode, we were done with the concept.

Kemono Friends: Japari Park is some kind of safari park with different 'areas' such a savannah and a jungle. But there is some kind of magic at work that turns animals into "Friends" -- basically animal girls. One of them wakes up and draws the attention of "Serval-chan". She doesn't know what kind of animal she is, and Serval-chan offers to take her in the direction of the Library where she can find out who she is. But there are also Ceruleans on the prowl -- creatures that want to eat the Friends!
Meant to be educational and for young kids. A rather low-budget CGI series: the animation is not that great. And the girls are meant to be cute, but they're also kind of annoying.

Chaos;Child: The first part ('episode 0') is about a paranoid and delusional guy living in a shipping container in Shibuya when there are all kinds of weird murders going on. And the second part ('episode 1') is set some years after, about a highschool student in the newspaper club who is trying to investigate new weird crimes that have been occurring. He even manages to infiltrate a hotel where another gruesome murder has taken place, but gets more than he bargained for.
The whole things feels like a very bad acid trip and tries too hard to be 'edgy'. It left us annoyed and uncaring.
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