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Fuuka: Yuu moves to Tokyo to live with his three sisters while his parents move to the US. He transfers to his new school mid-summer, and of course he doesn't know anybody there. He has several unfortunate encounters with Fuuka, a girl who turns out to be in the same class -- and most of the time the encounters end up with his phone damaged. They do end up going on a date though...
It's not that interesting, because you can see the plots coming from miles away. Completely meh. And that is coupled with an unhealthy obsession with women's underwear, with the scene where his three sisters randomly decide to hang out at home in their underwear as a low point.

Idol Jihen: There is an "Idol Party" in the Diet, which is the law-making body in Japan. Representatives are chosen from a district, and when a (corrupt) member of the ruling party chokes on a piece of food and dies, there will be a by-election. The Idol Party scouts girls in the district and find Natsuki, an energetic girl who is very popular in her village. When she gets some support from the Idol Party's top member -- they do a live show together -- she is elected!
A new twist in the endless parade of "local girl becomes a national idol"-series. I could comment on the parallels between how doing a live show gets you elected in this series and our current world, but I guess doing that doesn't add anything to the series.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai: Tetsuo is a biology teacher in highschool. He is working on his college thesis -- he has a burning interest in "monsters", though these days they're called demi-humans and they are not discriminated against. Because they are protected from prosecution, it is hard to arrange for an interview with them, and all his requests have been turned down. But then he finds out there are demi-girls in his school and he helps one of them out, he gets to interview them.
Tetsuo's interest could get a bit creepy (I mean, it seems like he is mostly interested in them as demi-humans and not in them as persons), but he seems like a likable guy who is mostly curious and who treats them with respect. And it's kinda fun to see how a dullahan schoolgirl manages to get through her life and tackle the challenges of having a detachable head...
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