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Urara Meirochou: Labyrinth Town is a centre for divination -- the women who live there choose a method for divination and get the guidance of the spirits and gods that live in the town to offer insight into the future. Four fifteen-year old girls are invited to apprentice themselves to a tea-leaves diviner, but of course they have some adventures in the town.
It's typical bishoujo fare: four cute girls with different characters doing nearly inconsequential things while being cute. And of course every character is female.. In my experience, these kinds of series can go two ways: it could be cute an funny to the end, or it could fall flat and simply rehash the same character dynamics over and over and over again.

ACCA: 13-Ku Kansatsu-Ka: the setting is like a federal land (shaped like a bird) that is divided in thirteen regions that retain their own character. There is a federal agency called ACCA which offers federal services like the police and the fire department, but also economical activity is facilitated by them. One department is the inspection department which oversees the workings of all the other departments. The vice-chief of this department is the chain-smoking Jean, whose sharp senses catch every little thing...
The visual style is pretty distinct, with lanky characters with rather dopey eyes. And the subject matter with a department of a huge bureaucracy sounds like it's a real snoozefest, but that's not the case -- there is much going on right under the supposedly calm surface. My only worry is that it turns out that Jean has supernatural powers of deduction and solves issues with information that we, the viewers, do not get until he explains his brilliant conclusions to his underlings...

Akiba's Trip: The Animation: There are zombies in Akihabara that 'possess' people. Exposing their skin to the air gets rid of the possession. Our hero gets caught up in all this and gains some special powers -- so now he can undress the 'bugged' in one fell swoop!
It's based on a fighting game, and it's quite stupid. But if you're a total nerd and like to ogle animated underwear, then... Well, in my opinion, series like these have pretty much everything that gives anime its bad name.

Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari: The episode starts with an alliance of "good" races fighting against the forces of the Dark King -- and losing. The alliance disbands and the leaders of the 'volunteer army' begin their trek home... but of course the Dark King isn't sitting still and has started his campaign of conquest, hot on their heels. During an attack, the resolve of the army leaders is tested...
I don't think I've ever watched an epic fantasy story that ends with the protagonists losing what was supposed to be the fight against the end boss. You get to see the characters doing their super-cool attacks -- and then it all (almost literally) goes to hell. We see them picking themselves up and regaining a little bit of their resolve. The designs are really cool as well, and the fight scenes are very dynamic too. Will be interesting to see how they regroup and their future plans.

Kuzu no Honkai: Hanabi is in love with her 'older brother': a boy a few years older who lived next to them. Mugi is in love with his former tutor, who is a few years older than him. And both of them go to the same highschool, where both objects of their affection (or rather, obsession) are teachers! And the teachers seem to have a thing for each other... So Hanabi and Mugi are drawn together by their unrequited love -- and if you close your eyes, it's just like your real love is making out with you...
It's beautifully animated, giving an intimate look at the psyche of Hanabi . (Mugi seems a lot more stoic, so it's hard to gauge what he is thinking.) It's certainly some really messy entanglements that are going on here, but the mopey atmosphere didn't work for us.
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