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New anime

Time to sample the new anime for the Winter 2017 season! Almost every series has already started, so we have a good many first episodes to get through.

Little Witch Academia: Akko will enter Luna Nova Academy, a school for witches. However, she is not of a magic bloodline, so there are a lot of things about the magic world that she does not know about (and is ill-equipped to deal with). The first hurdle is even getting to school! But her quick thinking sees her and her new friends through, and the all make it to their boarding school in time...
Clearly inspired (or evolved in striking parallel) by the Harry Potter series: a castle that is a magic boarding school, snobism about magic bloodlines and rules and manners that are obvious to people who were raised in a magical enviroment but not apparent for newbies. And since Akko is the first, she has many trails to blaze. (Though I think there is also a chance she will turn into a miracle rookie.) Even though it's very original, I enjoyed it none the less.
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