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First episode reviews: Christmas special

ClassicaLoid: Modern versions of classical composers live at a house that is about to be sold and torn down. They do not contribute to the household, much to the exasperation of the girl whose house it actually is. But then the organ in the music room becomes 'unstuck' and the composer-bums turn into some sort of super-powered version of themselves. They then call down music-powered magic (or something like that) and the machines that were assembled to tear down the house start to dance!
...as you do. I don't know what the writers had been smoking when they came up with this, but it's just the right kind of weird for me.

Long Riders!: Ami decides to ride a bicycle to college -- she never had one. So when she goes to ride her bike with her friend to practice, she overdoes it and gets the 'hunger knock'. Luckily, a pair of tour riders pass and they have some jellies with them to get Ami back up her feet. And then they meet at an icecream place too. The next morning, it turns out that the tour riders go to the same college!
So it's harmless fun about girls riding bicycles, but not in a competition. So it's not really a sports anime, right? And this series only has a single exclamation mark in the title, so you know it won't be as intense.

Sangatsu no Lion: Rei, a 17-year old boy, is a professional shogi player. He is an orphan, living alone after moving out of the household of another professional shogi-player whom he beat (yes, awkward...). He is a brooding boy and a perpetual loner, never fitting in. But Akari and her two younger sisters Hinata and Momo sort of looks after him and invites him over often to make sure he eats properly.
Poor little emo kid with his messy hair and bad eating habits, you just want to give him a hug and tell him it'll be all right. The atmosphere is really nice, the locations are interesting and detailed. I read some of the manga, and I was looking forward to this. I was not dissapointed.

Occultic:Nine: I can't even remember what this one is about. That should tell you enough. ;)

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari: Souta returns to his hometown after his father, who ran an udon restaurant, died. He intends to clean up and sell the place, but he meets a lot of people who come to eat udon and who are disappointed that they can't. He also meets a little hungry boy -- who is more than meets the eye.
Fun "homecoming" series. I also liked the atmosphere and the backgrounds: small provincial towns do look like that, but it's fun to have a little bit of a supernatural element mixed in. Should be fun!

Fune wo Amu: Creating dictionaries is a specialised undertaking, and when one of the main editors of the dictionary department leaves, it is doubtful whether the new dictionary will ever be finished. The department head is on the chase for a new editor, but everybody refuses because it sounds like a really stuffy job. And then there is a salesman who is incredibly bad at his sales job, but who has a large vocabulary...
OK, so creating dictionaries probably is a stuffy job. But I want to see more of these characters, I want to see more of the publishing house, and I want to see more of the animation style which is both impressionistic and detailed.

...and that concludes the reviews for the fall 2016 season! Sorry for making you wait, I'll try to do better for the winter 2017 season.
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