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Not-quite fresh anime

Wait... the season is almost over, and I still haven't written up all my first-episode reviews! Better get cracking.

Yuri!!! on Ice: A figure skater is a huge fan of a Russian talent, but he can't really perform under pressure and this is relegated to the bottom half of the field in every competition. Disillusioned, he returns home, and at the local ice rink he performs the routine of his idol -- flawlessly. A few days later, the Russian skater comes to his hometown and makes himself his coach!
It's interesting (and of course full of yaoi undertones), but I especially liked the depiction of a sleepy provincial town and the slightly shabby inn his parents run. That is spot on: we've stayed in places like that. Having the main character be discouraged but not helpless is also good.

Flip Flappers: Cocona is a normal schoolgirl who tries to be as normal as possible. One day, she meets Papika, a peculiar and very energetic girl. Somehow, they end up travelling to another world where everything is covered in snow and they are attacked by snow monsters! Luckily, they manage to make their way back...
A weird series, but very adventurous. Not sure if there's something of an actual plot, but it kept our interest through the whole episode. Fun magical realism romp.

Keijo!!!!!!!!: (really, what's up with the exclamation marks?) So there's this sport called 'Keijo' where women are put on a floating platform in the middle of a swimming pool. And it's a bit like gladiators: they have to push their opponents into the water: last person standing wins. But: they are only allowed to use their breasts and butt! Nozomi wants to get into the sport to get rich, and she is (barely) admitted to the school that trains the best Keijo players.
The premise is so stupid and such a thin excuse to ogle drawn women with ample bosoms that it's hard to imagine that something like this could actually be made in 2016 and people would be OK with it.

All Out!!: (again with the exclamation marks...) Gion is short and he's sick of being teased about it. This has made him a hothead with a bad attitude, but when he is invited to try out rugby together with his tall classmate Sumiaki, he finds joy in the gentleman spirit in those who play this rough sport.
So it's a basic sports anime, the types of which you've seen many times before: this time it's rugby. But what I found refreshing is that instead of the usual "show some spirit!" argument to start a sport and/or being a"miracle rookie", this time a friendly and gentle sportsman appeals to the personality of the person who is enticed to pick up the sport. Still a sports anime though.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda: Kae is a "fujoshi": a girl with an unhealthy obsession with boys-love (yaoi) comics. Boys don't pay her any attention, but when her favourite character dies in an anime series, she grieves so much that she can't go to school and loses a lot of weight. When she gets back, boys swarm her, and she decides to see if she can set some situations up so that she can satisfy her craving for yaoi with actual boys...
So I guess the message of this series is that if you're thin enough, boys will pay attention to you. And if they do, you should totally disregard them as persons but see them as pawns to do your bidding! Let's all be super-superficial! ...right.

Girlish Number: Chitose works as a voice actress at an agency co-managed by her older brother Gojo. She is a total brat and just not very good: her roles are the bottom of the barrel and she doesn't get along that well with the others. Then the incompetent owner of her agency thinks something up and she is offered a leading role. Of course, this goes straight to her head, to the exasperation of her brother.
A main character that's unsympathetic that gets catapulted in a situation she can't manage by an incompetent boss? It irritated me and had nothing of the charm of other such series.

Drifters: Warriors of all different eras get transported to another world upon their death. Some of them band together (though of course things like "being civil" and "cooperating" is beyong most warriors) and when the "elves" of this world are brutally suppressed, they jump into action. Meanwhile, there's some sort of secret war going on, and these warriors will have to end up in one or the other army...
This is typical shounen violence porn with unbeatable warriors who constantly are on the edge of getting to blows with eachother. You know the type: growling voices, bulging muscles, blood spattering everywhere... The genre is hugely popular, but I don't quite understand why.
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