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Oh yes, there was something about new anime...

WWW.Working!!: With all the storylines of the Wagnaria crew resolved, there was no more story in that -- and so this is all set in a different restaurant with an all-new cast. But it feels all like a rehash, and the characters don't sparkle as in the first incarnation. Or maybe it's just that the main character is a bit of an unlikable fellow, that doesn't help either. If you're really aching for more famires shenanigans, then maybe check it out -- otherwise give it a miss.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikau, named after a mobile game in the series called the "Magical Girl Raising Project". It's a bit of an embarassing secret to play this game, but kids who are expecially good at it get invited to become a real magical girl by a creature in the app. They are organised in districts, having regular meetings in their magical girl form and they get magical power to do actual good deeds. Our heroine gets really into it and even finds a friend from her grade-school days who also was heavily into magical girls.
Forming a "contract" with a non-human entity to become a magical girl? I can see no reason how that could possibly go wrong...

Vivid Strike!: Fuuka and Rinne, two orphans used to live together. Fuuka learned to fight in order to protect Rinne, but when Rinne gets adopted by a rich family, she gets trained in martial arts and gets so strong she can beat Fuuka up. Then one day Fuuka gets a job at a gym to train a martial arts team: this is her ticket to defeat Rinne in the ring!
The character designs are kinda retro, and the plot too. Also, I'm not aware of any martial arts that allows uniforms with laces and frills in the ring -- but maybe that's just me.

Tiger Mask W: What if everything that is shown in show wrestling is real? That there are indeed shady organisations and evil managers who are only in it for the money, who are exploiting the wrestlers, that some wrestlers are only in it to humiliate other wrestlers? And what if there is one wrestler who is an upstanding sportsman who seeks to take revenge for the humiliation that his mentor suffered?
Barrel-chested men who disguise themselves with a mask (a tiger mask to be precise) and make their way to the wrestling ring to find a particular person to take his revenge!

Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON: You need a monster egg before you can hatch one, and you can only ride a monster into battle if you hatch one. Really easy, and there are structures in place to get every kid their own egg so that they can become a monster rider. But of course one plucky boy decides to ignore all the rules and look for his own egg in places where they were expressly told not to go. And of course he stirs up things that he can't solve -- but at least he got his egg!

Magic-kyun! Renaissance: Magic can be used through artistic expression. Ohana's mother used ikebana for that, and that's what Ohana is aspiring to as well -- but she hasn't succeeded in creating a magic effect yet. She transfers into the second year of the magical highschool and during her first day she meets several boys who are the stars of the school...
It's like Uta no Prince-sama but then with magic. It even looks the same.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru: One of the most weird things about modern Japanese culture is how objects can be anthropomorphised into characters that are both human and yet still retain some of the characteristics of the object they are representing. This series applies that to... swords from Japanese history! They live together in a mansion and get sent out to missions where they have to protect certain points in history from invasions. During those invasions, they wield... themselves?
It's weird and since we don't know anything about the swords and their historical owners, it all left us bemused since there is no way for us to empathise with what is going on.

Stella no Mahou: Fluff piece about a girl in highschool who joins the games club that creates their own games and where everybody is overworked...

Trickster: Set in 2030, it's about the Boy's Detective Agency who work under an overpriced private detective. One of the boy detectives, an overconfident and painfully cheery guy meets another guy who kills anything that comes close to him -- though without wanting to. Our detective is intrigued and decides to become friends with the reclusive boy.
It has 'Edogawa Ranpo' in the title, which is the name of a Japanese mystery writer who was a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe (see what he did there?) -- and I am confused because this is not at all like a traditional mystery story -- rather it is an action series. We couldn't get into it.
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