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Something something new season...

Heybot!: In the 'Screw Kingdom', everybody has their own robot that they can set 'gag screws' in. That's how they battle, and that's how the crown prince has to defeat his father the king in order to become the next king! And it's a marketing vehicle aimed at really small kids! And very lively! And nonsensical! And the 'gags' are boring and bland! And that's 25 minutes of our lives we'll never get back!

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters: Digimon now live in smartphones, as applications! But when they get infected by a virus, they become malicious -- for instance, a messaging application can spam your private messages all over the internet! Of course, it befalls on a young man (who thinks of himself as a supporting character) to do something about it with his own digital monster sidekick!
Not interesting in the slightest, but I liked that it showed kids that they actually do have something to hide, even if it's that blog post by your mom about your bedwetting!

Time Bokan 24: Tokio, a young boy, gets involved with the 'time police' who are investigating the 'true history' with their time machines that look like a stag beetle. It turns out that history as you learn it at school is actually incorrect! But at every turn, the agency is opposed by a team secretly working for the publisher of history books because they don't want to alter all their books! In the first episode, we find out that Cleo and Patra were actually a comedy duo in ancient Egypt, and there was never someone named Cleopatra...
It's weird and stupid -- but I guess since it's aimed at young kids, we fall firmly outside of the target audience. I'd rather have kids watch this than 'Heybot!' because at least it's not that stupid.

Bloodivores: There's an illness, and the only medicine makes the users vampires. So that brought about a huge black market for blood -- especially since they go violently mad when they get deprived. Then a small group of vampires stage a heist on a bank to get some data on someone, and they get framed for murder! So then they get sentenced to death, but they get abducted to some secret facility when they are in transport.
The ending reminded me a lot of Deadman Wonderland -- like a secret facility where some sadistic manager basically calls all the shots. This series wants to be all 'edgy', but it fell flat for us.

Bubuki/Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin: Second season for Bubuki Buranki. We saw the first one, but at the end of it we weren't so sure it was really something we wanted to watch. Watching the first episode of this second season cemented our opinion that watching this would not enrich our lives.

Shuumatsu no Izetta: Crown princess Fiine of the country Elystadt, an idyllic country in the Alps that is neutral in the wars that Germania is starting, is trying to meet an ambassador from the Allies for help. And then Germania invades her country anyway and their spies catch her! The plane in which they are taking her to their capital holds another cargo: a cryogenic capsule containing a girl... this is Izetta, the last witch of Elystadt. She and Fiine go back some time: Fiine protected her from persecution years ago. Izetta wakes up and makes short work of the soldiers and the plane...
It's really WW2 -- you can still see the serial numbers where they tried to file them off! But the combination of a princess on the run without a country to return to and somebody who can use magic, that's really interesting. I really want to see how this goes.
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