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Saturday, Ingeborg went to the city to meet up with friends from university. I stayed home, cleaned up a bit, did some shopping and wrote this article (about the role of AI and Ghosts in the Transhuman Space setting).
Originally, Ingeborg had planned to come home for dinner, but she called me in the afternoon to let me know she was going to stay in the city for dinner. Afterwards, she called me to ask me if I wanted to come over and hook up with her and her friends. I wanted to get out of the house, so I agreed.

Now, the Zomerfeesten (summer festivities) had begun that day. I'm not a fan of those: too many people drinking too much and standing too close together, listening to music that isn't too interesting. But I went anyway, just to see what it would be like. And it would be fun to see some of Ingeborg's friends again.
We went to the Valkhof to see if State of Monc was still playing, because Ingeborg really liked their music. En route, we saw the Silent Disco! We had one at the Cap Gemini anniversary, and it's really good fun. You get a wireless headphone, and the music is broadcast to those phones, sometimes over multiple channels, each with their own genre of music. It's totally weird to see people grooving to music you can't hear, and it's a lot of fun to dance with different styles all on one dancefloor. It was pity: they had placed the truck in the middle of nowhere: you couldn't get a drink there or anything, so there weren't that many people hanging out there. I don't know who thought up this location for the Silent Disco, but they certainly didn't think things through.
When we arrived at the Valkhof, State of Monc had already ended their set, and the only 'live' music was a electronic 'dance' music ensemble: a buch of geeks bended over their keyboards and sequences, fiddling with a few knobs. Not much of a spectacle, and the music wasn't that good either (too little rythm and melody for my taste), so we descended to the Waalkade. Later that evening, Frank Boeijen, a local singer, was going to perform. We stood around for a bit, had a few beers, and then the concert began.

I'm not a big fan of Frank, but it was OK. Ingeborg was getting tired (she had been walking all over town for the whole day after all), so we decided to leave the Waalkade and check out the Valkhof again. When we wanted to leave the Waalkade, the police had decided it was filled to capacity, so they were closing the gates. It was seriously uncool to be caught in this process, standing in between the gates while they were being closed. We almost lost eachother, I don't know what would have happened if I had been on one side of the gate and Ingeborg had been on the other. We both had our mobile phones on us, but still.
We walked across the Valkhof, but there wasn't much interesting going on, so we went home (we did have to cross the whole city center to get to our bicycles, so we did get a good look at some of the other 'festivities').

Perhaps we'll go see some of the other acts this week, or perhaps not. I have a mandatory day off on friday (when the Four Day's Marches end, but the city center gets too busy then.

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