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Well, I'm running behind. Time to catch up.

26) What hobbies go well with RPGs?
Reading, obviously. Being a fast reader means you can read about a new ruleset or scenario, which is most useful. And of course anything that gets you inspiration, in the form of novels, movies, narrative video games etcetera, is good too. If you can draw, then you could use that to make illustrations to show things the characters are encountering.

27) Most unusual circumstance or location in which you've played a game?
I don't have much to say here... I just don't seem to game in weird or extreme situations. I guess that's the advantage of having your own house and having friends with their own houses too. ;)
Though I guess I should mention here that I also play RPGs online, using Google Hangouts. (Though Google is doing its best to kill all the features in Hangouts that make it useful as a tool for online RPGs.) I'm also playing in a campaign that's been streamed live to Twitch, which is a really interesting experience. I'm looking to stream some online RPGs too.

28) Thing you'd be most surprised a friend had not seen or read.
Meh. There's so much stuff that I haven't seen either. As anybody who has been following this LJ knows, we watch a ton of anime. And yet, when I see photos of people cosplaying as characters that are obviously from an anime, 80% of the time I have no idea who the character is and from what series. Not knowing something that "everyone" knows is not shameful. Don't let anybody give you any shit about your choices in media consumption.
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