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22) Supposedly random game events that keep recurring?
Does anybody use random tables anymore for game events? Well, I guess there's the 'random monster encounter' tables that are such a big part of D&D modules. And I do have a story about that.
The second group I ran through the D&D Starter Set campaign kept encountering packs of Stirges over and over again through the random monster encounters while out on the Triboar Trail. Stirges attach themselves to their victims and keep draining them of blood, until someone grabs them off of the character -- but you can't attack that turn if you do that. I had the stirges each attack a random PC, which meant that some characters had more than one Stirge attached to them. And if you miss your attack, then the stirge gets another go! So after abumbling fight against a pack of Stirges, the party had to actually rest to recover some of their HPs and spells! The Wizard had found out that a Magic Missile, which does 1+1d4 damage per missile, is a sure kill for a 2HP Stirge, and he saved the day. But he did blow through most of his spells.
There is a room in the final dungeon of the campaign where there is another pack of Stirges. So when I described this, the players all rolled their eyes. The Wizard, who knew that this would be a tough dungeon, did not hesitate to blow almost all of his level 1 spells on killing the Stirges -- so big was his hatred for the beasts.
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