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Busy weekend...

- Saturday: My mom's birthday. We had bought tea mugs made out of glass for her (by request) of varying luxury. They were well received. Showed my dad the binary LED clock, he was impressed and amused at the same time.
My niece Ellen and her husband came over too, as well as a lot of my mom's friends that we see once a year at her birthday party. Sat around all day, it was very late when everybody left.
Dinner afterwards (fresh asparagus!), and then back home. We were home by midnight, exhausted.

- Sunday: We would have played Astrid's Amber Campaign, except one of the players got severe back-problems. So Astrid had proposed a different scenario for the rest of the players (to tide us over until that player would be back), but the player in question had recovered enough to be sent home.
We ended up playing the new scenario at his home (in Helmond), because Astrid had not prepared for the Amber campaign. We all played professionals in the field of heavy transport: we were on-site for the lifting of a new reactor-barrel into an already operational nuclear reactor on Borneo. We had a mix of project engineers (rupertdaily and E.), on-site surgeons (A.), the team leader of the heavy transport crews (J.P.) and the facilities manager (me).
But instead of starting in Borneo, we woke up in Cryo-chambers, in 2394... Turns out there was a slight mishap, and we had gotten fatal doses of radiation. We were frozen in prototypes of the cryo-units, to wait for better times in the future -- when our ailments could be cured. Unfortunately, curing us would take a lot of money, and thus our 'curators' had 'sold' us to a colony in the Wega system -- in return for our cures, we were to work for 20 years in indentured service for the colony.
However, the ship we were on had been in an exchange of shots with another ship, and the fusion reactor had been damaged. Because our units did not get any power, they activated the emergency thawing procedures -- and because we had several nuclear power engineers among our group, the reactor was finished (finally!) before it could go *BOOM*. The original crew had already abandoned ship, having decided they were not able to repair the damage done during the fight.

It's always a bit risky to ask people to design a character for one type of game, and then suddenly make a switch to a whole different type of game. But in this case, it sort-of worked out. We'll continue with the scenario for one or more sessions -- we could become some sort of Blake's 7 or something: we have our own ship (it's owned by the colony, actually, but if it's insured they can always buy a new one).

Also, A. is an old-school SF fanatic. I asked him whether it were the Daleks who said "Destroy! Destroy!", and he confirmed my suspicions. Though they are more well-known for "Exterminate! Exterminate!", they do intone "Destroy! Destroy!" as well, on several occasions.

- Sunday night, jangerben came over. I played Hnefatafl against him -- won once, lost once. klik managed to defeat him too!

- Monday, we took it easy. Slept late, had a leisurely breakfast and went to the movie theatre to see Van Helsing.

What can I say? They mix all of the gothic horror archetypes (Dracula, Frankenstein, werewolves, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde), with lots of smoothly choreographed action scenes. Van Helsing is an Indiana Jones-like monster hunter for the Vatican -- complete with a tinkering friar at his side. Not to be taken seriously -- the action scenes and SFX are the real stars of the movie, just like in The Mummy. If you liked that one, you'll like this one too.
We made a quick stop at the Moenen & Mariken and ended up at the brewery...

- The money from the mini-computer has been deposited back into our account. We sluiced it to Techcase.de, to finance the mini-computer we'll be actually getting.

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