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Last new anime

Show by Rock!! Short!!: Short episode about a girl band consisting of anthropomorphic animals. As usual with these kinds of things, there's little plot to find.

Taboo Tattoo: Seigi is pretty good at martial arts. He rescues an old man who is attacked by hoodlums, and he gives him a tattoo on his hand as thanks. Turns out that this is some sort of secret weapon from the US that will give the wearer super powers. Seigi didn't ask for this, but having the tattoo makes him a target! Not only for a unit from the US army who is sent to recover the tattoo, but also from a gangster who is after the tattoos.
Typical supernatural battle anime, if there is such a thing. Did not really grab our attention.

Tales of Zestiria the X: Two friends explore ancient ruins for fun, but the village elder tries to keep them away from a particular ruin... Inside, they meet a soldier girl who got trapped there when she followed etched murals depicting a promised hero...
Based on a JRPG. Epic high fantasy, promises many magical moments. Also looks gorgeous!

Time Travel Shoujo: Mari's father, a scientist, has been missing for a few years -- presumably he is on a 'study trip', but nobody knows where he is. Then, by some accident, she travels back in time when handling one of her father's books! She visits one of the scientists that her father was an admirer of, in England...
It's not that nice to look at, but I enjoy a good time travel story, and this one seems to be focussed on showing scientists and their methods. And it even depicts correct usage of an AED -- what's not to like?

Tsukiuta the Animation: Two boybands, each with six members, are holding a combined handshake event. A young boy is sent there by his sister, since she is ill and she desperately wants the special merchandise that will be available at the event. He goes there and meets several of the members, but doesn't know it's them -- so his sister is very jealous when she hears about that. At the concert after the handshake event, it is announced that the two groups will work together for a concert.
By now you should know that we're not big on series focussing on bands (either girl or boy), and this one did not make converts out of us...

Onara Gorou: It's about a fart. A personified fart, who can speak. Who dispenses wisdom, solving problems and reforming delinquents.
It's so stupid that it doesn't even have it's own ANN encyclopedia entry. The ending theme is kinda cool though.
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