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We left on our holiday on July 4th, and only returned yesterday. So we kinda missed the start of the new anime season! Now that we're back, we're fully loaded up on new series, and we'll be watching them -- and that means I will be reviewing them!

91 Days: I'm not sure where it is set -- might be 20's America, during prohibition? But all the names are Italian... Anyway, there's this kid whose whole family gets murdered during an internal power struggle in the mafia family that his dad worked for. He manages to get away. Years later, he returns and seeks out his friend from back then -- he has gotten involved in producing moonshine, and together they're going to get involved in the wheelings and dealings of two mafia families...
It's pretty bleak, and there's all sorts of casual violence in it -- something I dislike. Also, the colour palette is mostly drab shades of brown, which might be realistic but doesn't really make the artwork 'sizzle'. We'll skip this one.

Amaama to Inazuma: Kouhei is a teacher, and he has to raise Tsumugi, his daughter, alone since the death of his wife six months ago. He doesn't know how to cook, so it's been conbini bento dinners in front of the TV all the way since then. Tsumugi isn't very enthousiastic about the food (though she is enthousiastic about pretty much everything else), and when they get invited to come to a restaurant for some real home-style cooking, Tsumugi really likes the food. Kouhei promises Tsumugi to get better at cooking so that they can enjoy their dinners together!
I like that the social aspect of eating is also present. And the setup is a bit like Koufuku Graffiti, which we liked immensely. This is going on the list!
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