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Who'd watch me game?

So I have been hanging out in various Twitch channels these past few months -- mostly for streamers who play games I'm interested in or familiar with. Mostly Dark Souls II because I have been playing that one too, and because the gameplay makes it easy to drop in or out of a stream without missing essential plot development. I subscribed to some of those caster channels if I liked their personality and way of doing things and then stuck around as they moved on to other games. I even now play in an RPG campaign that's streamed to a channel because of this.
So, watching streams is kinda neat: the chat allows you to interact with the caster and the other watchers, and that can be a lot of fun. Not quite like sitting next to them on the couch, but it's close to that, and much more convenient. ;) And I play games too, so maybe I could start casting too? I'd need one bit of additional hardware, but we'd be set for the rest of the needed kit.

But I'm not sure I should do this. Who would want to watch me fail at games? Most casters I follow have a set schedule and work kinda hard to promote their channel -- that almost seems like work. I'm not going to do that. Also, I don't have a dedicated room to game in: we have specifically chosen to put all the computers in the (extended) living room, so that we'd still be together if one of us is on their computer and the other is on the couch. In fact, when I game, I'm using the TV and klik might watch from the couch. I'm not about to share all of those domestic scenes with the world.
But she works three evenings in the week... But do I really want to invest in something that might or might not work out? I'm just not sure. I'm interested, but I'm just not sure.
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