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More new anime

Shounen Maid: Chihiro's mother dies, and he's left all alone. A kind older couple take him in, but then his uncle turns up to take him in! Turns out he's a rich costume designer, living in a big house -- even though Chihiro and his mother led very simple lives... But Chihiro doesn't want to rely on charity. The house is filthy, and he decides to clean up. So his uncle makes a deal with him: he can be the live-in maid in the house!
An orphan taken in by family -- and they are actually kind and compassionate? We haven't seen that too many times before. And it's fun in a gentle way. I want to see more about this.

Haifuri: Sea levels have risen and most of Japan has been submerged (again). There are now naval ships protecting the city ships -- with an all-female crew (because of course women don't fight...). We follow one training ship, staffed by a highschool class. But there's something weird: once they set out and approach the rendez-vous point, they are attacked by the ship of their instructors! They run away, but are now considered to be dangerous by all the other school ships...
Interesting, it reminded me of Starship Operators. There is obviously a conspiracy going on here, and I want to know what's happening. I would have liked the character designs a bit more realistic/serious though -- the way they act is like it's a regular highschool comedy series, which it's obviously not.

Sansha Sanyou: Yoko used to be a rich girl, but her father's company went bankrupt and now she's poor. She doesn't really know how to act in the company of 'normal' people, so she doesn't have any friends in class. This means she always eats her lunches alone. But one day, two other girls find her spot and the three of them meet up for lunch from then on.
An interesting mix of characters. And the writers didn't take shortcuts by simply selecting one of the many two-dimensional stereotypes. Still a bishoujo series -- but you know I like those.

12-sai: Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki: The series focusses on a sixth-grade class and the changes that the kids in the class go through. Main character is Hanabi, who finds out that she actually likes her popular classmate Yuto.
The character designs seem a bit dated, and it has all the trappings of your last year in elementary school. I didn't particularly like that year, so I don't really want to revisit all those things like inter-class feuds and all.

And that's it for this new season -- at least for the full-length episodes. And none of the short-length episodes were of interest -- which is like it usually is.
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