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More new anime

Joker Game: In 1930s Japan, a group of men is trained to become spies. Of course, this requires something different from the strict adherence to military doctrine that the army requires. So the men, who don't even know each others' real names, play all sorts of subtle games amongst themselves. Lt. Sakuma gets posted as the army liason to this spy unit, but he doesn't have a high opinion of these methods. But he has to learn to play the game to keep up with them...
An interesting concept set in a time where Japan was rapidly becoming the militaristic state which would plunge them into WW2. It's all very subtle, until Sakuma starts to 'get' it -- and then he gives as good as he gets.

Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Subaru is a NEET, and then one day when he visits the conbini, he gets transported to a fantasy world. This is of course like the games and the anime he is familiar with, but he quickly learns that he is not the protagonist of this world: he doesn't have any magical powers and is not immune to some old-fashioned beating when he runs into some thugs. He is saved by a half-elf who is looking for her stolen insignia, and Subaru, who got a look at the thief, decides to stick with her and help her.
We sure have seen this plot development quite a few times, but it's kinda refreshing that Subaru didn't gain any special abilities. He is at quite a disadvantage too... What can I say? I kinda like these series.

Big Order: Some people can get their wishes fulfilled, which is of course potentially dangerous to the rest of humanity. They are called 'Orders'. Eiji is one of them, and he is convinced that it was his 'Order' that destroyed much of the world ten years ago. Of course, he keeps it a secret, but when he is found out and his sister is taken hostage, he remembers what his real wish was, and acts on it.
Apparently made by the guy who wrote 'Mirai Nikki', and that we didn't like that either. I guess we don't like watching series about psychopaths.

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge: Tanaka is lazy: there is nothing he likes to do better than to snooze. Luckily enough, his friend Ohta looks after him. Tanaka is so dedicated to his laziness that he goes to great lengths to be able to be lazy...
Funny in a slow-paced way, with some nice characters. The comedy reminded me of Nozaki-kun: funny situations without having to resort to weird violence or improbable situations. I'd be interested to see where it goes.

Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalite: Some time ago, an attempt was made by a king and queen to seal an evil dragon away, but it failed. Now their son, the prince, has become a swordman, and he is seeking to finish what his parents started. Of course, not everybody is thrilled with that prospect, because the status quo gives them power over others.
The animation is kinda bad (as modern series go), and we didn't really care about the characters and what was going on. Bland and lacks character, with an uninspiring technical execution.
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