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More new anime

Kiznaiver: A group of highschool classmates are captured by the shadowy organisation that is running their town and get subjected by the Kizuna System. Now, when one of them feels pain, they all feel it. They will be given missions, and the organisation is willing to demolish the whole town in order to get them to cooperate...
Kinda weird, and I'm worried about what the missions will turn out to be. But it's also fun and the animation style gets nicely 'semi-flat' for the more zany parts. Interesting plot, I want to see how it will develop

Mayoiga: A diverse group of people joins a tour to a secret village, under the impression that they will start a new life there. They only know each other by their internet handles, though some of them know each other from their 'old' lives. There's a very diverse cast of characters, and not all of them are sympathetic -- they all have their own reasons for abandoning their lives and trying to start anew.
With so many characters, you know it's probably going to be a case of them being killed one by one... To up the tension, our 'main' character is a very naive boy who will probably get into all sorts of trouble since he is so easily manipulated. It's all mysterious and weird, a bit like Lost I guess. Let's hope this one will have better writing. ;)
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