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More new anime

Bungo Stray Dogs: Atsushi got kicked out of the orphanage where he lives. He then saves a man from drowning, who turns out to work for the 'Armed Detective Agency': a group of people with special powers who take on cases that are too hard for the police and the army. They are hunting a man-eating tiger, and Atsushi is convinced that tiger is after him personally! It turns out to be slightly different, and he gets recruited to become a part of the Agency...
It has special powers, it has a colorful cast of characters and a main character who has his own powers but seems to be mostly normal... The snappy dialogue and the action also reminded me of Kekkai Sensen, and that is not a bad thing at all!

Boku no Hero Academia: 80% of the population has powers in the form of 'Quirks'. This has given rise to supervillains and, of course, the superheroes who fight them. Izuku dreams of being a hero like that and going to the 'hero academy', but he is 'Quirk-less' and hence doesn't have a superpower! Everybody ridicules him, but he is determined to make his dreams come true.
Remember the last part of One Punch Man, when he joins the hero association and gets a rank and all? Well, suppose there's a highschool that trains its students to become heroes like that? And suppose one student is determined to make it work while he doesn't have any powers...? It's kinda cool, but poor Izuku is indeed quite worthless in a fight, so I'm not sure how he's going to make it work.

Hundred: Large monsters called 'Savages' attack mankind. The only thing capable of stopping them are 'Slayers': special trained forces powered by a 'Hundred', which turns into a weapon that suits their personality. Hayato has the highest compatibility rating and is invited onto the school-ship Little Garden to study to become a Slayer there. But he gets into trouble during the opening ceremony and is challenged to a duel by the school queen, the student council president!
I'm sure I've seen this exact set-up before. And we didn't watch those series either.

Flying Witch: Makoto is a witch, and as is traditional, she has to move out to become a full-fledged witch -- but her parents worry and make her stay with family in north Honshu. She gets lost easily, so her second cousin hands her off to his friend to bring Makoto back home. On their way, Makoto finds a mandrake root and wants to give it to the friend as a present...
It's like Kiki's Delivery Service, if Kiki lived in the present day, looked like Minmei from Macross and was a bit odd... Slow-moving but hilarious.

Endride: Shun is obsessed with crystals, and one that is in his father's lab, sends him to another world, where he meets a prince who wants to kill the current king: the usuper of his father's throne. Apparently people in that other world can summon special weapons from their chests, and Shun has this power too. Together, they escape the castle.
Not only is the plot uninspiring, the chemistry between the two boys is incredibly bad too. Designs are 'meh': instead of an exciting and beautiful world, it's all rather drab on the other side. Mediocre at best.
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