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New anime

Here's my take on some of the first episodes of the anime that's new this spring season!

Bakuon!!: It's about highschool girls who drive motorcycles. Hane, the main character, is a ditz, but she gets impressed with motorcycles and joins her school's bike-club. She then goes on to get her license.
It tries really hard to be like K-On, but then with motorcycles: Hane is ditzy and has a reliable younger sister, there's a cast of the usual characters... If you really like motorcycles and know everything about them, then I guess it's a fine series. It felt kinda boring to us though.

Ace Attorney: Based on the DS games about Phoenix Wright. In fact, it's like you're watching someone play the game, with visual effects that are kinda cheesy. The story is kinda lame, the animation isn't very good... We never played the game, and watching this surely didn't put it on our list of games to try!

Anne-Happy is about the seventh class of a high school that promotes academic and athletic achievements: the first three classes in a grade concentrate on study, the second three focus on sports. The seventh class however is focussed on luck and happiness: all kids in this class are unlucky, and the coming three years they have to work on getting more lucky. Of course, the series focusses on a set of unlucky girls, each with their own problems.
What Anne teaches us, is that your happiness is independent of the events that befall you: even though she is very unlucky and gets into accident after accident, she choses to be happy and see things in a positive light. (The Buddha says: "People make their own suffering.") In that light, I am also very interested in the homework that the kids get in order to become more lucky. More so than the main characters -- so we'll see if it keeps being interesting.
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