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Luck & Logic: Evil extra-dimensional entities possess people or animals on Earth and invade Earth like that. The only ones who can protect against that are humans who have made a contract with a friendly extra-dimensional entity and who have some sort of 'logic device'. Yoshichika has lost his device and his contract, so he's now just a normal civilian. When he gets caught up in an invasion, he is forced to establish a contract with a goddess who has found his logic device and who tracked him down. And then he has to go live in the dorm with all the other 'logicians', who are of course all girls...
It's not innovative: it doesn't show us anything that hasn't been done in other series, or show us a new take on something that's been tried before. An also-ran.

Oshiete! Galko-chan: Galko is a hyaru, Otako is a fuyoshi, and Ojyo is a rich-girl type with little experience of the 'real world'. The three friends are classmates, and discuss various topics in these short episodes.
Having stereotypical characters means you don't have to think too hard! Yeah, not very enthused about this one.

Ooya-san wa Shishunki!: Moving into his first apartment, the protagonist finds out that his landlady is actually a girl who attends middle school.
Again, short episodes, light on content. Meh.

Sushi Police: The Sushi Police keep an eye out for unnatural combinations of sushi, and they will raid any establishment that serves non-proper sushi, using a robot launched for their airship headquarters.
Short episodes, 'zany' action 'comedy'.

Koukaku no Pandora: Autonomous robots have been developed, and now there are even androids using the same technology. A young girl gets converted into an android (because of reasons that are not revealed to us) and sent to live with her aunt on an island. On the boat there, she meets a woman who has an android girl with her as well! When they arrive, explosions are set off all over the island, and the girl gets roped into helping the woman, who seems to have some really shady things going on...
So it starts kinda slow, with lots of talk about the world and the technology. And then, when they get to the island, it turns into a complete action rollercoaster! There's a lot going on here, and it's both interesting and amusing. I want to know what is going on, and the girls' cheerful disposition despite all the weirdness certainly makes it nice to watch.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara: Yuzuka gets the offer to become a magical girl from some creature that was hanging out in the garbage. She accepts, and she triggers her transformation sequence -- which gets her into some sort of swimsuit...
You guessed it: short episodes, and not much of interest.

Ojiisan to Marshmallow: Kusaka likes marshmallows, a fact that his much younger colleague exploits to get him to ask her out.
While I appreciate the absurdness of the subject matter, it's just... I don't know.

Tabi Machi Late Show: Apparently every episode will have a single story about saying goodbye. The first episode is about a cook who leaves his job to travel to Italy to learn more about cooking -- he challenges his boss to a pomodori-sauce duel when he comes back. There's a little twist at the end, which was kinda neat, but all in all it did not leave us wanting more.
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